Make the clubface look at the ball to stay on plane


"Liam, you look like you have great talent for the game by the look of your positive swing.

"Like many youngsters, I notice you're using a mens full length driver and having to hold down. Sometimes a slightly shorter driver will hit it just as far because of the improved consistency of strike and greater speed.

"The long driver also encourage you to stand a litle too upright so continue to 'choke down' on it and tilt forwards a little more from your hips at address.

"Your attack on the ball is very powerful with a solid downswing but I feel the area you could improve the most is your take away and backswing.

"You have tendancy to 'roll' the club away behind you too flat in the early part of the backswing which places it 'off plane' and with the clubface open which won't help with consistency or accuracy.

"Try to feel you take the club away a little 'straighter' from the ball with the clubface 'looking' at the ball a bit longer. Then allow the club to hinge up more towards your right shoulder rather than through your right elbow.

"Make practice swing in front of a window or mirror, checking the club is working towards the right shoulder region then following a similar route back down.

"Good luck with it - watch out Rory & co!"

You can find out more about TG12 coach Adrian Fryer at and you could get yourself a free lesson if you upload a video your swing at Rate My Swing.