Airline golf baggage charges revealed in survey


It can end up adding a good few pounds to the cost of your golf holiday but if paying to take your golf clubs abroad is a headache for you, an airport parking firm has produced a guide to the cheapest airlines around when it comes to golf baggage.

Airport Parking & Hotels (APH) has conducted a survey of the leading airlines to work out which ones are charging passengers exorbitant prices for golf baggage and which ones prove value for money.

And with cheap flights to Europe, the US and further afield making golf trips more accessible, their guide can help you cut down on the costs even more.

The survey revealed that passengers flying with Air France could find themselves having to fork out an additional £134 just to take their clubs with them.

This contrasts with airlines such as British Airways, Thai Airways, United Airlines, Continental and US Airways which all allow a set of golf clubs as part of a customer’s baggage for no extra charge.

When it comes to the budget airlines, BMI seems to lead the way with a charge of £15 each way. Ryanair charges £30 each way if booked online or £40 if booked at the airport or via its call centre with easyjet £18.50 pre-paid or £26 at the airport and Flybe £22.50 and only booked in advance.

Other airlines such as KLM, American Airlines, Japan Airlines and Virgin Atlantic have no charge provided the golf clubs are less than a specified weight.

The full research can be viewed on APH’s website...