Callaway to the rescue at TG Golf Shop


It's never been easier to buy the best golf gear at the cheapest prices than with TG Golf Shop.

This week on TG Golf Shop many of you have been turning to Callaway for rescue clubs and hybrids and PowaKaddy have been cleaning up in the trolleys section.

Rescue clubs
1. Callaway FT Rescue
2. Callaway X Hybrid
3. Cobra Baffler TWS

1. Titleist Vokey Spin Milled
2. Titleist Vokey Oil Can
3. Cleveland CG14

1. Titleist 909 D3
2. Callaway FT-9
3. Nike SQ Dymo

1. PowaKaddy Freeway
2. PowaKaddy Freeway II
3. PowaKaddy Twinline 3