There's more than one way to swing


Well this is a great example of using a Moe Norman like action. Norman was an interesting character with great talent. Perhaps, like the Frosby flop, there is another 'non-traditional' way of getting the job done that is just as good or even better!

The single axis swing and preseting your impact are great concepts and if a golf swing can produce powerful accurate shots that repeat consistently under pressure well it can't be wrong.

Looks like you swing the club great traditionally and Moe style, but be aware his method may need slight adjustments to the grip and ball position and I feel requires a more agressive body action than the orthodox style of 'swinging' the arms.

This can be an issue if you are prone to a bad back and when we become senior golfers. Keep up the good work, test it in tournament play, that's the measure of how good it really is. Good luck.

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