Keep your rythym as you tweak your swing


"You have a good looking action with a great tempo and style into the finish. Under closer scrutiny there are two or three small things in your action which need addressing in order to promote more consistency and better ball striking.

"At set up your right arm tends to 'climb' too high and on top of your left arm. This encourages you to 'roll' your forearms in the takeaway causing the face to open too much and club to become a little too flat or 'under plane'.

"Also in the move away, you tend to tilt up into your right hip rather than retain some flex in your right leg. This sets the right leg straight and the right hip a little high. If you study your downswing in slow motion you will note your right leg straightens and hips get a little stuck through the ball.

"As a good player you already know you need to attack the ball from the inside, but working on a more loaded, or 'flexed', feeling at the top would improve your 're-coil' back through the ball. This would help your arms, club and body to all work more in sync and square up the clubface consistently.

"You can also work on setting the club up a touch steeper halfway through the back swing, where the butt of the club should point more at the ball/target line with a squarer clubface.

"Your practise should include 3/4 swings working on perfecting your knee flex and plane before extending it to a full action.

"All the best with these changes, and keep that great rythym as you work them in."

You can find out more about TG12 coach Adrian Fryer at and you could get yourself a free lesson if you upload a video of your swing at Rate My Swing.