Roll your forearms on throughswing for a power draw


"Playing off nine golfersmudge you're obviously doing alot of things well and your preparation looks good with the grip and set-up, other than your elbows/forearms being forced together a little too tightly.

"Your faults actually come from 'over rotating' your forearms too much in your backswing. This points the shaft too much behind you and also opens the clubface too early causing the dreaded slice.

"I would like you to work on a feeling of keeping your clubface looking at the ball for longer in the the takeaway. Then as your left arm reaches chest height the butt(handle) of the club should be pointing much more downward (towards a point on an extension of your target line running back the through the ball).

"This sets the shaft on the correct plane and keeps your clubface squarer to your arc. The club may feel a little hooded or closed but this is good and will allow you to cultivate a nice draw.

"One final point, don't be afraid to to roll the forearms more on the throughswing. Less roll going back + more going through = power draw! Best of luck."

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