Find more fairways off the tee


Putting the ball in play off the tee is essential to shooting good scores and playing consistent golf, but many golfers struggle to control their driver.

Some of the data you guys are entering on our FREE Handicap Tracker service indicates that this is a key area for improving your scores, as some of you are struggling to find the fairway in regulation.

Niall Simmons from Derbyshire, who plays off 14.1, dropped to 38.46% FIR in October.

Devonian Brian Fittock is finding the fairway just 39.29% of the time.

15.7-handicapper Mark Gullick, from the West Midlands, hit FIR less than 40% in September and October.

You can keep track of your vital statistics and pin-point areas of your game for improvement with our FREE Handicap Tracker service.