What does ball flight say about your swing?


"lsneale, you have a great looking swing. From this camera angle I can study the shape of your swing and it looks very neutral, not too inside or out.

"Looking at your swing I would think you hit it pretty straight, but without seeing your ball flight and grip, from this angle it's difficult to tell accurately.

"Your ball flight is your best and cheapest lesson in golf. If you assume 'the swing sends it, and the face bends it' you can learn alot from your ball flight. So, where you set the ball off is largely controlled by your swingpath and the clubface controls spin on the ball and how much it bends.

"From here you can start to analyse your swing and impact factors. Look closely at what your ball is telling you, study your divots and any soil on the ball.

"Fading/slicing may mean squaring the face up more at impact and checking your path isn't too across/outside. Hooks and pushes may mean you have crept too 'inside' or with a 'closing' face when it hooks.

"Looking at your swing I would encourage you to start working on your shot making and shaping of the ball. Use your striking ability to improve your shot making, then ultimately your scoring ability.

"Good luck, have fun experimenting and seeing how you can control the ball."

You can find out more about TG12 coach Adrian Fryer at www.adrianfryergolf.com and you could get yourself a free lesson if you upload a video of your swing at Rate My Swing.