Britain's oldest golfer passes away


Britain’s oldest golfer has sadly passed away at the age of 101 after 83 years playing the game he loved.

Charles Viner, who celebrated his 100th  birthday with a game of golf, continued to play up until he turned 101 when illness prevented him from getting out onto the course.

Viner, who played his golf at The Shropshire Golf Centre, even asked for his golf clubs to be brought into the nursing home just six weeks before he passed away so he could still have a swing.

His son John, 64, said: “He was still hitting golf balls in his mind, and he still watched the golf on television, usually criticising the players. But unfortunately his body was no longer up to it.”

A retired art teacher from Wolverhampton Grammar School, Charles started playing golf in 1926. He joined The Shropshire in 1998, and liked to play up to three times a month.