Open your left foot to improve rotation


"Well Chunkin-dawg, I have to say I like your action a lot and you are obviously a competent player.

"From the video image it's not easy to see a lot of close detail or your ball flight but I wouldn't suggest you change much with your swing because it looks very good to me.

"You have a compact backswing of a more solid strong player than a lanky tall player which is natural and common, your foot flare with your feet pointing a little more towards the target limits the turn of your hips and ultimately your shoulders.

"If you wanted to improve your turn you could open out your left foot a little more giving you improved hip rotation and a knock on effect of a little more range of movement in the backswing.

"Be careful though, as it's often suggested we should turn 90 degrees but much of your power is generated from your transition and downswing and there are many Tour players who don't make a full turn but are great through the ball. Remember it's the downswing that hits the ball!

"Before you change anything too much I would visit a local PGA pro with a good teaching reputation who may suggest subtle changes in your grip and set up that can make a big difference to your ball flight.

"Good luck, don't lose that great action through the ball."

You can find out more about TG12 coach Adrian Fryer at and you could get yourself a free lesson if you upload a video of your swing at Rate My Swing.