'Strong' grip may create too much draw spin


"Ryan, you have a great looking swing and I'm sure you're playing off a very low handicap. I have two observations with your method I would like you to consider.

"Firstly, you grip the club quite strong (seeing three knuckles or so) in your left hand. This is not a fault and common today with lots of Tour players, but be aware in case this starts to adversley affect your ball flight with too much draw or hook spin or you find it difficult to fade a shot when you need to. You may need to 'weaken' or move it back a shade to show less knuckles.

"As a decent player, some of your practice sessions should include moving the ball both ways, this will keep your swing neutral.

"The other slight trait you have to police is what your body is feeeling at the top of your backswing. It looks like you may just lean or tilt your spine a little towards the target at the top.

"With a short iron, the spine may feel a little 'straighter' at the top as we want to hit down and compress the ball, but at the the top with the driver it should lean away from the target slightly.

"This feeling promotes the proper sequence of the hips 'leading out' initiating the downswing correctly. At the top your chest should feel coiled over your right thigh a little more. If you find you feel your weight on your left knee a touch, then you have probably got a touch tillty. Use your phone camera or a mirror to check where you are.

"Good luck and keep developing that great swing."

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