Handicap Tracker: Make more sand saves


While we all like a trip to the beach in the summer, it's best to stay away from the sand when you're playing golf.

Whether it's through lack of practice or a simple lack of confidence in how to approach the shot, very few of us amateur golfers get up-and-down from greenside bunkers consistently.

Handicap Tracker allows you to track all your stats, including sand saves, and find out if you're struggling to get up-and-down like these guys:

» Warren Strutt (12.4) shot a 92 in tough conditions and failed to get up-and-down from any of the five bunkers he found at Woolston Manor.
» George Bell (28) had four bunkers and no saves.
» Ben Nogey (12.5) shot 84 at Dunmurry Springs GC despite finding a whopping 11 bunkers and only getting out and one-putting four times for 36.3%.
» Mark Evans (12.6) shot 88 at Botley Park with one sand save from four bunkers.

If you're not confident from greenside bunkers here's a tip from TG Elite Coach Adrian Fryer that shows you how to set up correctly and commit to the shot: