Rate My Swing: Become a heel-raiser!


"Gerard, you are obviously a very competent golfer and work hard on your technique.

"I feel you have a very solid looking golf swing, but I suspect by your pre-shot waggle that you have had a tendency to whip the club inside a little early and maybe get a touch flat in the backswing.

"I also feel your backswing could be a little firmer at the top so your arms don't travel too much behind you.

"As drills go, I would ask you to hit some shots on the range with a 7-iron with your right heel raised off the floor at address and in the backswing.

"This will limit the hip turn and increase your 'torque/coil' but with the added benefit of forcing the club and arms more back and up the plane.

"Give this drill a go, then try to capture the feel from a normal set up. Good luck and keep up the good work."