Create torque in backswing for greater power


"Steven, your set-up basics look great with a good posture and, although I can't see your grip, the clubface is square throughout your swing which tells me your grip is orthodox. The orange pants look great too!

"During your backswing there are two areas you need to improve, which should ultimately improve your power through the ball and the 'lines' of your swing making you more accurate too.

"You have a tendency to put too much into the backswing, over rotating your hips and body. This also pulls the arms and club round behind you too flat.

"The overturn reduces coil or 'torque' in your backswing so your body doesn't 'lead out' or fire as powerfully as it should in the downswing, causing a 'stuck' appearance through impact.

"The flattish arc can make you attack the ball too much from the inside resulting in pushes and turned over shots.

"I would like you to work on restricting your lower body turn, in fact feel less turn in general and work on turning more through the shot with your hips feeling more open at impact.

"Aim to set the shaft steeper in the backswing with the butt of the club pointing more down at the ball or inside it a touch.

"One drill you should do is practise hitting shots with your right knee flexed and loaded and your right heel lifted off the floor thus creating more coil. It's a great drill to power up that backswing."

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