Rate My Swing: adamw147


"Adam, your golf swing has a good shape to it in terms of the quality of your arc and swingpath, however, your concern for hitting the ball too high is justified.

"Your trajectory, like all players, is influenced by your sequence and timing of your release and the loft you present on the clubface at impact.

"Your backswing creeps a touch flat in the takeaway and there is a little too much freedom in the turn, try to resist a little more against your right leg in the backswing.

"From a good on-plane top of the backswing your tendency to slide with the knees, particularly a very bent left knee coming into impact slows the hips down causing your club to be release too 'early' and out of sync with your turn.

"This results in the clubhead passing the hands prematurely, adding loft and creating a 'flippy' impact.

I would suggest you try some small impact drills with a 7-iron making 3/4 swings. Aim to feel your left leg 'post up' or straighten earlier in the downswing, the hip pivot should drag the hands, leading the clubhead into a stronger impact look where the shaft appears to be lent more forward than it was at address.

"Imagine you are trying to punch the ball under a park bench or low tree accompanied by that correct leg action. Best of luck with the drill."