Rate My Swing: frankiev


"Frankie, from a good posture you tend to set the club a little too flat, or around yourself, in the backswing then over use your upper body in an attempt to stop the ball from slicing.

"I would like you to aim to swing the club up on an angle where it dissects your right shoulder halfway back, getting the club more 'on plane' in your backswing.

"Through the ball, I need you to improve your leg action and develop more rotation of your wrists and clubface through impact.

"Instead of your right shoulder coming up and your feet planted, aim to develop a 'skimming the stone' action, feel your right knee kick in and finish touching your left knee.

"The 'triangle' formed by your arms and wrists should feel like it rolls over as you come through impact and finish in a balanced position.

"Good luck, study some top players and aim to copy their stylish finish."