Rate My Swing: chrism147


"I think you have a very sound swing for a 23 handicapper. The areas I see that need improving are your posture and a lack of width in your swing.

"Your posture needs to be more athletic. At present, your pelvis is a little tucked under at address and this is leading to your hips moving in towards the ball and a slight loss of posture through impact.

"To get the correct posture it is important to bend forwards from the hip sockets rather than the lower back. Once you bend forward correctly it makes it far easier to turn and maintain posture throughout the swing.

"The second area of your swing that needs slight attention is the lack of width. All you are trying to do during a sound swing is to maintain the distance formed at the address position between your hands and your chest.

"Looking at your swing, I can see that at the top of the swing the arms collapse inwards and your hands get much closer to you. This fault leads to the club approaching the ball on an inconsistent angle.

"Try to gain the feel of your right arm bending no more than a right angle at the top of the swing, and this should produce a wider swing.

"I'm sure once you implement these improvements you will notice a far better and more consistent ball flight."