Handicap Tracker: Make more sand saves


Since we last focussed on bunker play quite a few of you Handicap Tracker users have seen some great improvements in your play from the sand.

» Rob Jones (16.5) hit three bunkers at Northop Country Park and got up-and-down every time.

» Steve Orbell (25.9) playing Gotts Park got both his bunker shots up-and-down for an 85 and a 1.2 handicap drop.

» Steve Martin (19.2) got both bus bunker shots up-and-down on a day when he broke 90 for the first time in 2010 and saw a drop of 1.7.

However, some of you are still struggling from the beach. Bryan Marriott (17.8), 
Steve Pratt (22.2) and Richard Docking (27.5) all hit more than three bunkers and didn't sand save once.