Handicap Tracker: Putt well even on winter greens


In association with American Golf

While the season is gearing up and the weather is improving, it looks like many Handicap Tracker users are having problems on the greens.

Putting isn't easy at this time of year but a solid technique will ensure you hole your fair share off putts even on greens affected by bad weather.

Out of the 1000s of golfers tracking stats in the last week over 50% hit 36 or more putts. Of which, 80% were below a 24 handicap. If you want to take shots off your handicap it's integral that you take less than 36 putts per round.
» James Harwood (16) had a tough week; he played three times and recorded 39, 37 and 36 putts.
» Peter Hoolingsworth (18) played twice and recorded 39 putts each time with a respectable 86 at Oakland Park GC (SSS 66). 35 putts would have seen a 2 shot drop in handicap to 16.
» Paul Scrimshaw (11) also played twice and recorded 38 and 40 putts.
» Gordon Armer (18) signed for an 87 at White Haven with a whopping 41 putts.

If you're having trouble with the flatstick like these guys are, here's a putting alignment video tip from Rob Watts that will help you get your putts on target.