Rate My Swing: Gareth Banks


"Well Gareth, glad you've managed to find that elusive 'inside approach' on the golf ball. It's essential for good ball striking but don't overdose on it.

"Remember, an ideal action moves the clubhead in to straight to back in again with the clubface squaring. So too much in-to-out can cause pushes and hooks.

"Where now? To gain even more consisistency I feel you need to learn to move in a tighter 'space' or 'corridors' as it's often described.

"Although I can't see your swing face on in this clip, there appears to be a little too much bobbing around.

"Studying tour players you can see they move their bodies and club in a very accurate 'pathway' at speed, while at the same time delivering power and remaining in balance.

"You need to really focus on the quality and style of your motion. Imagine you were being marked for 'artistic content' instead of power or how far the ball goes.

"It would be useful to video yourself or get a local PGA pro to film you face on and see how much you can turn and set the club without feeling you move 'up' or 'off' the ball.

"Be careful too with your clubface in the take away. It looks like it can creep a little too closed (facing down), which in moderation is OK but if the ball starts to hook you are probably overdoing it.

"Good luck with the swing, keep it smooth and compact."