Rate My Swing: mrs24


"Looking at your swing, I'm sure you're playing off a low handicap. Not seeing your ball flight here but I guess you may draw the ball, and maybe sometimes overdo it or push the odd one.

"I say this because you have a slight tendancy to 'roll' the club a little behind you in the takeaway, with the clubface a tad closed. Your arms continue to swing a little flat resulting in the club getting a little across the line at the top.

"This backswing can often result in the hands trying to 'right' the shaft and pushing away from the body during the downswing so the club can 'drop' inside too much.

"The ball flight is essentially a result of your clubhead path and face angle, so if you get 'inside' you push the ball, or turn it over if the face closes.

"Your downswing looks pretty neutral here but to develop even more consistency I would aim to work the club in the backswing a litttle straighter (almost feeling 'out') and sense the clubface is a touch open. It will almost feel like you're making a bunker shot backswing.

"Let your divots and ball flight give you a good clue that you're delivering the club correctly. Long and straight would be good!

"Also, have a quick look at your posture in the mirror; avoid sitting too much and rounding the spine. A light knee flex with your pelvis and spine a bit more in line should help too.

"Good luck with experimenting with these feelings."

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