Rate My Swing: twang20


"Aaron, you have a great looking swing and obviously play to a good standard but there is always room for improvement.

"At address your posture looks like it can creep a little rounded in the shoulders, plus your ball position and hands get a little too back/central rather than a touch more inside your left thigh.

"In the backswing, I'd like to see you take the club away a little straighter as you tend to roll it a bit with your hands and get the arm/swing/plane a bit flat. This can lead to pushing it and hooking with the longer clubs.

"Adjust your posture and ball position and try to feel you are almost making a backswing like you would feel in a bunker - a little more 'straight back' and feel your arms swing more upright.

"At the top you may also feel a little less 'tilted' down with your shoulders. Imagine a higher left shoulder at the top of your swing too.

"Give these things a try and see if your striking and ball flight improves. Good luck with it."