Rate My Swing: Conor N


"Conor, what a great looking swing and a great pre-shot routine too. You are obviously going to be a decent player if you are not down to a low handicap already.

"There isn't a lot wrong with your swing but if I was going to change anything there are two small areas to look at. In the takeaway, you tend to 'roll' your left elbow outwards a little so your upper arm comes off your chest early and places the club a touch flat.

"From this position when you attack the ball the hands and club creep a fraction 'out in front of you' in the downswing causing the odd pull and cut shot I suspect.

"I would practice your takeaway with a glove under your left arm, but don't worry if it falls out halfway back. The club shaft should feel like it points a little more 'upwards' while your arms feel closer to your body.

"From the top try to feel you deliver the clubhead and hands a touch more to the inside of the ball, so in summary, your backswing feels a bit more upright then gets a little flatter in the downswing. Practice in the mirror to check your backswing 'connection'.

"Keep up the good routine and good luck the changes."