Rate My Swing: mocall12


"Mocall, looks like you have a really good-looking swing. Your set up and swing motion look very orthodox.

"Obviously, with not hitting a ball the swing can be a touch misleading sometimes as we often have slight changes once we try to strike anything; people often say 'I've got a great practice swing'. The key is being able to put a dynamic version of that on the ball.

"If you are practising in the garden try to hit tee pegs or air balls as this will encourage you to turn in a disciplined fashion relative to a fixed object. Your hand and eye co-ordination and timing will be perfected too, making your learning and practice more positive.

"Regarding your swing, try to get a little more 'centred' over the ball in the backswing. You tilt your spine a little too much behind the ball at the top which may work well with the driver but will not allow you to 'trap' or squeeze the ball with your irons.

"Your grip, set up and balance look great so keep that up. Good luck."