Add speed to your swing with a whoosh!


A new training aid has hit the UK market claiming to add yards to your drives with the sound of a whoosh!

The Momentus Speed Whoosh gets its name from the ‘whoosh’ sound it makes when you swing it. The makers claim this product activates the fast twitch muscle fibres in your body to swing your driver up to 10mph faster after only a few swings, increasing your carry distance.

It works using a Magnetic Timing Ball, which stays in place near the grip end at address and during your backswing. The goal is to swing the Speed Whoosh so it releases properly, with the Timing Ball hitting the end of the shaft at the bottom of your swing.

If the Magnetic Timing Ball hits the shaft end too early, you need to hold the release longer in the downswing. If it hits too late, you need to release the ball earlier. This feature gives you immediate feedback on where your clubhead is moving at its fastest.

The Speed Whoosh weighs the same as a standard driver but enables golfers to swing at speeds of up to 20mph faster than when using the driver in your bag.

TG Verdict: This training aid really helps you feel where to release the club to produce maximum clubhead speed at impact. The moulded grip helps keep a firm grasp as well as reinforcing a neutral hold. Thumbs up!

RRP: £64.95 from

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