TG Blog: Halfway and improving fast


Friday 18th March

This weekend sees the halfway mark in my 12-month challenge... and it's all happening. It is also my birthday (I hadn't realised this fell at the six month mark until very recently), I am in the process of submitting cards for my handicap and I'm also getting better, quickly.

In the last two weeks I have lowered my personal best score twice, broken 90 for the first time and, possibly most importantly, last Friday I played 18 holes that included five birdies.

The rate of improvement over the last month is hugely pleasing as there is now real evidence that all the practice work is coming together. I have been tracking a 'notional handicap' for my scores based on the last three rounds at any time – and this has fallen from 28 to 18 this month.

Of course it is the next two cards I submit that really count as they get added to the +18 that I submitted this week for my official handicap.

Why the sudden improvement? Many factors contribute but I would pick out these few; my improved swing allows me to use my driver from the tee more often, my chipping and putting rhythm and technique is more solid and, most importantly, my mental processes are getting much stronger.

Catch up with me here in a couple of weeks to find out if the improvement continues and what my first official handicap is.