TG Blog: Breaking into the 70s


Friday 2nd September

I’m into the final month of my challenge. In three weeks time it will all be over. And things are heating up.

Two weekends ago I shot 80 for the first time. Happily, the occasion was the medal competition at my club, Mount Pleasant, and a net score of 62 saw me win the competition. The fact that my gross score was second only to the club champion gave me even greater pleasure.

I followed that round up with a few in the low 80s as I worked on how to repeat that good form and yesterday I pulled it all together and finally broke into the 70s. A six-over-par 76 has become my new lowest score.

An added bonus is that I felt there was a lot more still to come. When you only hit 33% of fairways and GIRs there has to be doesn’t there?

Now I need to shoot around this level consistently for the rest of my challenge. As I said a few weeks ago, I’m not going to be a scratch golfer by the end of the year, but single figures is tantalisingly close now.

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