Urban Golf Open Their Doors To Seasonal Golfers


With the winter weather banishing Britain’s golfers to their sofas, trendy Urban Golf, who boast venues in Soho, Smithfield and Kensington, are ready to open their doors to keep your swing ready for Spring, whatever the weather!

They want to revolutionise the average golfers’ winter practice routine with their Winter Rules Coaching and Practice Package.

The package is available between January the 3rd and March the 31st and for £250 it includes six 30 minute lessons & unlimited weekday practice between 10:30-6pm (max 2 hours per day).

You can also upgrade this package for an extra £35, to include a bespoke impartial equipment analysis, to determine whether your clubs are working for or against you.

With Urban Golf you can also introduce a friend to the sport this winter, with half-price winter lessons. For £49 golfers get two hours per week that consists of one hour of introductory coaching and one hour of practising what you have learned. Sessions run on a Monday night at 6pm or 7pm, throughout Jan-Mar 2013.

Urban Golf offers players of all skill levels the chance to develop and refine their game indoors, with the help and guidance of Professional  Coaches and the world’s most advanced simulators – as used by the likes of Luke Donald, for winter practice in his Chicago home.

The simulators provide supremely accurate feedback, through proprietary 3-Trac camera launch monitors, accelerating the learning process. The screens then replicate your ball flight, in clinical, weather-free conditions.

The raw data of every shot; ball speed; launch angle; and spin rate, is graphically and numerically relayed to the player instantly, hastening the understanding of the conditions delivered to the ball by each swing, so coach and player can determine precisely how technique needs to adapt, or be maintained, for consistently desirable results.

Accurate launch monitor measurement of shots is scientifically the fastest way to help a player gravitate towards optimal swing technique, while feedback from launch monitors during practice saves the time normally spent guessing whether or not your results are trending towards the most accurate, powerful and repetitive they can be.

External influences like wind, temperature and the condition of the balls are also not a problem with Urban Golf. 

For more info, visit: www.urbangolf.co.uk

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