Study shows wristband adds yards to your drives


New research by EFX Performance, a manufacturer of sports performance bracelets, shows an average increase in clubhead speeds of 5mph, equating to 8-10 yards of extra distance, when wearing the wristband.

The research analysed the golf swing of sixty amateur golfers when wearing an EFX Performance wristband, when not wearing a band at all or when wearing a placebo wristband.

Swing speeds taken at intervals during the golf swing sequence were shown to be between 2.2% and 4.5% greater in those wearing the EFX Performance wristband – an additional nine yards for the average (200 yard) drive.

Mark Bull, a UK leader in biomechanics and consultant to over 50 PGA coaches, conducted the research on behalf of EFX Performance.

“While these figures in themselves may seem small it should be considered increases in these speeds result in increased shot distance,” said Bull.

EFX silicone sport wristbands use holographic technology containing frequencies that interacts with the body’s natural energy field to improve balance, flexibility and strength.

European Tour golfer Paul McGinley said:

“Balance, core strength, and flexibility are key points to the golf swing. I had heard about EFX and then I noticed it on some of the USA team at the Ryder Cup last year.

“I couldn’t believe the results experienced. I wear mine every round.”

EFX Performance wristbands are worn by Phil Mickelson and Ryann O'Toole among others.