Get Today’s Golfer on the iPad


It’s that time again: the latest issue of Today’s Golfer magazine is on-sale now.

But rather than using the conventional method of popping down to the shops, why not purchase our magazine on your Ipad instead?

The iPad-friendly TG version features exclusive video coverage from our course and equipment reviews and also includes extra sections, supplements and unseen pictures not included in the magazine.

If you have missed previous issues as well, you can now utilise our backdated process to obtain magazines from issue 288 onwards (the current issue is 298).

You can take advantage of all these added extras for just £3.99 per issue.

If that doesn’t take your fancy, why not purchase either a 1 year subscription for £39.99, a 6 month subscription for £22.99 or a 3 month subscription for £11.99?

We are always striving to improve our magazine and with our new Ipad edition, we believe we have created a cheap and affordable device that fulfils your every need.

Download our free app today and you will also receive a free sampler issue. What are you waiting for?

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