Bubba Watson and Oakley Create A Golf Hovercraft


Bubba Watson has teamed up with Oakley to create a golf buggy hovercraft hybrid.

In the video below you can see the whacky creation in action as it glides down the fairways and across the water hazards.

“Golf carts haven’t changed much over the years. They look and feel the same,” the video description reads. “What if there was a way to improve the traditional golf cart concept and take away some of the limitations? That is what Bubba Watson and Oakley set out to do.”

What is more, this video is no late April Fools Day prank, as the expert in the video is none other than Chris Fitzgerald, who is the President of a hovercraft company. 

“I think it’s going to get a lot more people involved — they are just going to want to drive the hovercraft and not play golf,” Watson says. “But you know, that’s how I got started, driving the golf cart and then golf got in the way.”

From the video below you can see the hovercraft float across land and water, while it also claims that it is perfectly safe to drive across putting greens.