Hit 300 yards with the new issue of Golf World!


Our February issue (on sale December 19th 2013 – January 15th 2014) features England's very own Lee Westwood. In an exclusive instruction feature, shot at his new home in Florida, the 40-year-old explains in great detail the secrets behind his accurate driving; and with it gives you some insight into how to hit the ball 300 yards AND straight.

In addition, we look at the year of Henrik Stenson, the hottest player on the planet at the moment. The Swede has had an extraordinary career, going from rock-bottom and unable to hit his hat, to playing the sort of golf the rest of us can only dream about.

We also have a very entertaining look at the 1985 Ryder Cup match at the Belfry, "The Match that Changed Everything', which was the start of a European revival, which is still going on.

Our travel section takes a look at the wonderful courses available in Norfolk, a long-haul visit to Hawaii, and 72-hours in Cyprus.