Get A Free Sleeve Of TaylorMade Lethal Balls With The New TG!


As part of three great giveaways with this month’s copy of TG, we are offering you the chance to receive a FREE sleeve of TaylorMade Lethal golf balls.

The premium balls – normally worth £44.99 per dozen – are a five-piece construction that feature an advanced 322-dimple pattern design which helps the ball to perform better and more consistently in windy conditions.

The five-layer Lethal ball was also designed to help specific areas of a golfer’s game.

The soft core produces low driver spin for greater distance off the tee, while the inner mantle reduces long-iron spin. The middle mantle works with the outer layers to create controllable spin off the mid irons, while the outer mantle generates low-launch, but high spin with shorter irons and wedges. The thin, urethane cover creates shot-stopping spin, as well as ensuring the ball remains durable.

We’re also giving away three months FREE golf insurance and a FREE 2-Fore!-1 voucher in this months mag, so pick-up a copy to find out how you can get involved.




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