Try The New Non-Slip Suncream That Supplies The European Tour


In the same week that the English Golf Union has launched a campaign to alert golfers to the dangers of the sun, specialist suncream makers Solarsport have unveiled an innovative new non-slip, non-greasy product for golfers.

The new UV-Pro30, which is invisible and dries in seconds, heads the company's 2013 range, which also includes aftersun and bug spray.

Solarsport's success is founded around research that showed the body uses unneccessary energy in fighting the sun if it is not properly protected, often as much as 10%. With many golfers reluctant to apply cream due to the greasy nature, a solution had to be found.

It was; in the form of a small, robust, pocket-sized cannister that offer 200 spray pumps per can, which is now the product of choice for European Tour players, the Ryder Cup teams and many of the UK's Premier League football clubs.

The invisible, instant drying sunscreen - that you can also spray directly onto your hair - is endorsed by the likes of Lee Westwood and has already become a big hit with golfers.

It offers players non-slip and non-greasy hands, with the new UV-Pro30 designed purely for performance application, where maximum grip is required.

Solarsport was established in 2000/2001 and have honed their suncare craft over the past 12 years, with products available from the likes of Boots, Debenhams, Tesco, Aldi and Morrisons.


If you enter the voucher code - RR19GHMJ3 - at the Solar Sport online store at, you can get their new UVPro Twinpack for just £8.99!