TG 25th Anniversary Tips


TG has published thousands of tips over the years and in the table below you can find some of our favourites, brought back to life by TG Elite Teaching Professional Adrian Fryer for our 25th Anniversary special issue.

The tips include everything from alignment at set-up and checking your swing plane, to perfecting your chipping and hitting a high spinning bunker shot.


Get your alignment right

In this video Adrian revisits a tip from Bill Robertson from 1989, where he looked at why parallel alignment is crucial to delivering you club for the correct position at impact.

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Check your swing plane

In this video Adrian looks at Gareth Benson's 2003 tip on how to check that your swing is on plane, including a simple drill you can use on the range.

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Get inside for more power

In this video Adrian revisits the 2005 tip on keeping your hips ahead and spine tilted to gain more power. He looks at how you should address the ball, where you should be at the top and what you should do into impact.

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Add control with a punch shot

In March 2006 Gary Casey shared his tips for playing into the wind. In this video Adrian revisits the punch shot, including the key checkpoints such as a tighter grip and having the ball back in your stance.

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Create height and spin from the sand

In the video Adrian revisits Lee Scarbrow's 2004 bunker tip on how to hit high and soft landing shots from the sand. Here he takes you through his six tips that will help you slide the club through the sand for more successful bunker shots.

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Lock the left wrist when chipping

In 1992 TG Instruction Editor Bill Robertson wrote about a locked left wrist when chipping, in this video Adrian looks if that tip still applies today.

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