Improve your scores without touching your swing


Many golfers cost themselves shots on the course before even swinging the club because of poor decision-making. But improving your course management and thinking can help you cut strokes off your handicap. You can learn to do this at a TG Academy Day.

We've teamed up with the Cranfield Golf Academy to offer a day of tuition aimed at improving your mental game, from course management to how you handle your emotions on the golf course and everything in between. It will give you all the tools you need to think your way to better scores.

The TG Academy Day takes place at The Chase GC, Staffordshire, on Friday 2nd May and costs just £149 – that’s the equivalent of less than £20 each for a series of eight one-hour lessons. It runs from 8am-5pm and the price includes a welcome drink and bacon sandwich and lunch. Every golfer will get a 20-page tuition booklet to take away with them, which will include a summary of everything you’ve learnt throughout the day and specific tips and feedback for you.

The day starts with 3-6 holes to assess your game so there is enough technical advice to ensure the mental tips can be applied and the full benefit experienced. The key principles of how to develop mental strength and confidence are taught and practised. A big part of the day is applying strategies and focuses on the course, so you will play a further 18 holes – nine to continue the coaching and nine under competition rules.

There are only 12 places available at each day so book now to avoid disappointment by emailing with 'May 2: The Chase GC' as the subject line.