Wilson Staff backs 'Grow Golf' campaign


Wilson Staff, which is celebrating its centenary this year, has become the latest leading golf brand to support the British Golf Industry Association’s (BGIA) Grow Golf campaign.

Along with several other high-profile manufactuers Wilson Staff supports the initiative that aims to stimulate golf participation across all age groups, geographic regions and social backgrounds in the UK. Through backing the Grow Golf campaign, Wilson Staff will also be supporting the BGIA’s National Golf Month in May, devised to attract an additional 100,000 lapsed or new golfers through a comprehensive advertising campaign and special deals promoted on www.nationalgolfmonth.com.

“Wilson Staff has been committed to supporting the game for 100 years and we’re now really excited to get behind the Grow Golf campaign,” said Doug Wright, Commercial Director for Wilson Golf in Europe. “It’s very important the whole industry gets behind initiatives like this and the National Golf Month to help bring in the many people who do like the game of golf, but for various reasons don’t play often enough,” he added.

“We’re delighted that Wilson Staff, one of the game’s most prominent names, will be supporting Grow Golf and the National Golf Month,” said Doug Poole, BGIA Chairman. “We hope the backing by such a famous brand can encourage other big industry players to follow.”

In addition to the support provided by manufacturers like Wilson Golf, The National Golf Month will be advertised and promoted by: Bauer Media, Grow Golf Fun, England Golf, Scottish Golf Union, Golf Union of Wales, Foremost Retail Buying Group, UK Golf Course Owners Association, Owners Golf Range Association and the European Tour.

For further information on all Wilson Staff clubs visit www.wilsonstaff.com.