Rory McIlroy is dishing out free drivers AGAIN


Only last week we brought you the thoroughly lovely news that Rory McIlroy had given one of his old drivers to a bloke who asked for it on Facebook. Rory is at it again, this time giving one to Mark Wahlberg.

“I played golf at Portmarnock, it was beautiful,” Wahlberg told The Herald. “I’d love to come back here on vacation with my family. I had a bite to eat with Rory on Sunday and I was like, ‘Dude, I need to come back, play golf and just hang out and see the sights’. I will at some point, it’s just hard with work and the kids are in school. He gave me a new driver, which was great, I just can’t wait to get to a golf course or a driving range and try it out.”


Now, Rory McIlroy giving one of his old drivers to a 40-year-old builder from Blackpool is one thing, but if he starts handing them out to every Hollwood actor he meets, his garage is going to get very empty, very quickly.

In fairness, the driver won’t be wasted on Wahlberg, who is an avid golfer and even has a range in the back garden of his Los Angeles mansion. Wahlberg plays as much golf as he can, maintaining a single-figure handicap.

Here’s a disgustingly low quality video of Mark Wahlberg hitting a golf ball and loads of American guys going “woah!” as if his ball had just transformed into a pterodactyl:

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that Mark Wahlberg is left-handed. So perhaps the driver Rory McIlroy gave him wasn’t one of his own, but just a Nike freebie he sorted out for his new pal. 

Rory McIlroy seems to be becoming the Santa Claus of drivers. Who will he give a driver to next? The rest of the Funky Bunch? Us? You? 

We hope it’s us. 

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