A golf ball that costs £329


There’s nothing more frustrating, and costly, for a golfer than losing your ball, but this problem may become a thing of the past thanks to the new Prazza Golf Ball Finder.

The ball contains a microchip that uses radio frequency identification to communicate with the Tracker handset from up to 100 metres away and lead you straight to your ball.

The hand-held Tracker handset, which is roughly the same size as a smart phone, has a visual display to guide you in the right direction and bleeps (or vibrates in Mute mode) with increasing frequency as you near the ball.

It is accurate to within two feet of your ball and the microchip battery will last for at least 120 18-hole rounds of golf.

“Who hasn’t been frustrated by golf balls which seemingly vanish into thin air?” said John van Driel, CEO of Prazza Group. “With Prazza, the golfer avoids the embarrassment which. Plus, it’s expensive to always be losing golf balls – industry research has shown that the average golfer loses between four and five balls each time they play 18 holes.

“With Prazza, golfers will play faster and they will score better. We believe they will also enjoy golf more, and beginners will learn the game more quickly, and with less fear.”


It cannot currently be used in competitions which are used to adjust handicaps, but the manufacturers are in discussions with golf’s governing bodies.

The Prazza Golf Ball Finder set features the tracker handset and two golf balls and is available now for £329 and a sleeve of three balls costs £39.95. Go to www.prazza.com for more information and a real-time video demonstration.