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The Srixon AD333 is a golf ball that offers incredible feel but has been designed for players who are looking for an all ability golf ball, offering greater distance and excellent spin on every shot. Now featuring Srixon's new coating, Spin Skin Technology, as first produced on their premium Z-STAR range, the AD333 offers even greater control and spin on approach shots and a superior soft feel. The Spin Skin coating improves friction between the golf ball and club surface for added feel and control from 50 yards in. Unlike traditional balls with a higher drag co-efficient, the enhanced surface area coverage of the new 344 speed dimple design, reduces drag for a penetrating flight with more carry on every shot and superb performance in the wind.


What We Say

The AD333 is designed for players who are looking for feel, distance and control, without paying too much, and the latest version has three big improvements:

1 The cover: Graeme McDowell’s Z-STAR was the first to feature Srixon’s “Spin Skin Technology”, which is a coating designed to improve greenside spin without sacrificing distance. The cover increases friction between ball and clubface by 20 per cent.

2 The core: An “Energetic Gradient Growth” gives the ball a firm outer layer which becomes progressively softer towards the centre. This creates ball speed off the tee with reduced spin for maximum distance, while at the same time providing ample feel on approach shots.

The dimples: Performance in the wind has been enhanced by a new dimple pattern. As with last season’s ball, it will be available in Pure White and Tour Yellow.

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