The guy who asked Rory McIlroy for his old driver now has Rory McIlroy’s old driver


Rory McIlroy has A LOT of Facebook fans. We thought we’d done well to hit 10,000 likes – you can and SHOULD like the TG Facebook page right now, by the way ­– but Rory McIlroy makes us look silly with his 978,934 likes. 978,936 now. That’s two new likes in the time it took us to type how many likes Rory McIlroy has. It’s impossible to keep up. Look, the point is, Rory McIlroy has very many Facebook fans.

Having a lot of Facebook fans is great, but it does mean you get a lot of messages. That probably sounds good if you’re so lonely you get excited about getting one Facebook message on your birthday, and then discover it’s an automated one from Pizza Express, but it’s probably quite time-consuming to deal with thousands of messages every day. Rory McIlroy must get more messages than he could ever hope to get through.


So when Barry Edwards, a 40-year-old builder from Blackpool, posted a cheeky comment under a picture of Rory with his new Nike driver, he probably wasn’t expecting the world number three to even see it. But see it he did. And then he responded. The conversation went like this:

Barry Edwards
Nice plug m8
P.s I still need a new Driver.
Any chance of one of your old NIKE ones fella 😉

Rory McIlroy
Sure. I’ll send you a Nike covert driver. Served me well! Message me your address and my team will ship it to you.

Barry Edwards
Seriously???? I was joking lol… But would be very, very greatful

Barry Edwards
I’ve had mine about 8 years now and it’s getting really tired

Rory McIlroy
No joke. Message me and I’ll have one shipped. Can’t guarantee 320 yard drives though!!

Barry Edwards
I’ll give it my best shot fella

That was three weeks ago, and now, McIlroy has proved true to his word, making Edwards the proud owner of a Nike Covert driver used by Rory McIlroy.

“I never doubted the fact that he would fulfil his promise, but I was totally shocked that he offered to send me one in the first place,” he says. “It just shows how nice a guy he is, the fact that of all the millions of messages he must get he responded to mine and delivered on what he said.”


McIlroy had joked that he wasn’t promising Edwards would be tonking it 320 yards, but he is going to do his best.

“I’m a pretty big hitter with the driver normally, but I doubt I’ll be able to get it as far or as straight as Rory – he’s a pure talent.”


For those expecting the driver to make a swift appearance on eBay, don’t be so cynical. Edwards has no intention of parting with it, unless it’s for charity.

“I want to use it for good,” he says. “I’m not bothered about personal gain, and I’ve got no intention of selling it – that’s not the type of person I am. My youngest son has Downs Syndrome and I would like to do something if I was in a position to help out his school, because I know they’re in need of a bit of money.”

Good on Barry Edwards and good on Rory McIlroy. One thing’s for sure: Rory can expect to receive even more Facebook messages in future.


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