Tiger Woods’ new golf course has no dress code


Tiger Woods’ injury problems have given him plenty of time to design golf courses. He opened his first design, El Cardonal, in Mexico late last year, and is working on projects in China, Dubai and the USA.

Woods’ first American golf course, Bluejack National, opened last week. Woods stressed he wanted to create a course that is “very playable” where you “can play only one ball all the way around”. 


Former PGA Tour player Dave Stockton Jnr was at the opening of Bluejack National, and had some interesting things to say about the course, including it’s dress code – or lack thereof. 

“There is a relaxed feel,” says Stockton Jnr. “If you want to wear jeans, fine. You want to wear your shirt untucked, fine. Look at golf today. Why is the game struggling to find new people to come play? Maybe they don’t want to get dressed up. Today’s kids, and some adults, want a little more relaxed attitude.”

Here’s Tiger talking about Bluejack National


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