This two-year-old’s golf swing is incredible


The first time the world saw Tiger Woods’ golf swing was when he was two years old. A young Woods appeared on The Mike Douglas Show, and demonstrated a pretty impressive swing for someone who may still have been wearing nappies. 

But Woods’ swing at that age looks messy when you compare it to Juan Ignacio, a two-year-old from Chile, taking the internet by storm with a swing as composed and controlled as you’ll ever see. 

The video, posted on Instagram by a Chilean golf coach, shows Ignacio making a great turn, hitting the ball flush, and then holding a perfectly balanced finish. Even the way he slowly looks up to follow the flight of the ball before eventually turning to look at the camera suggests a star in the making. 

Chile currently do not have a single player in the top 500 in the world, so may be hoping that Ignacio experiences an early growth spurt and is ready to represent them in the Olympics this August. 

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