Are you tee’d off with having sun-weathered skin?


We all like to look the part on the course, but now you can go to extreme lengths by undergoing a ‘golf course facial’.
In a bid to turn the clock back, golfers (men and women) are now going under the knife to improve their complexion and remove sun spots, freckles and fine lines.
South African plastic surgeon Dr Richard Halley-Stott is the mastermind behind the latest ‘trend’, which comprises an extensive face lift, fat injections and fractionated carbon dioxide laser treatment.
The procedure is designed to give the face a “youthful, upside down triangle shape”, and can “improve the skin's texture by as much as 70%”, claims Halley-Stott.
The moral to this story. Never forget to pack sunscreen in your bag, otherwise you might end up looking like Barry Manilow. A scary thought indeed.