Golf is the No.1 excuse for unfaithful husbands


Research has revealed that telling your wife that you're going for a few rounds of golf with your friends is the most popular excuse adulterers use when sneaking out to meet another woman.

A study found that 34 per cent of unfaithful men said that they told their wife they were going to play 18 holes as a cover for their affair.

A member from, who commissioned the research, told the Daily Mail: 'It doesn't require much effort, really. But if you do want to go the extra mile, you can dish out on some relatively low-cost golf clubs, and maybe some gloves too, and that adds enough believability to your story that you've nothing to worry about.

'I don't really know anything about golf, but neither does my wife, so if she ever asks me how it went, I can usually improvise my way through it by using some basic golf terminology; "it was good, but the bogey on hole 15 cost me the victory," – that usually does the trick.'

Business meetings / working late, going to the pub or gym and shopping were also among the most common excuses used by adulterers.