Mind what you say on the golf course…


Whether it’s chipping with ‘soft hands’ or comparing a low scuttler to ‘Sally Gunnell’, nearly all golfers are guilty of using some kind of sports jargon during a round.

But as it turns out, Brits may not be quite so clued up when it comes to making sense of it all.

A recent survey revealed that almost two thirds of Brits thought ‘mixed doubles’ was a type of alcoholic drink, while 57% mistook a ‘grand slam’ for a slam dunk.

Shockingly, only one in ten were able to correctly define 100% of sports terms presented to them.
62% thought…Mixed doubles was a single drink containing two different alcohol spirits.

57% thought…A grand slam referred to shooting a ball through a basketball hoop.

30% thought…A play-off was when two people compete to see who can get the most attention from the opposite sex.

22% thought…A debenture (a certificate of agreement allowing fans to have a financial stake in a sports club) referred to false teeth.

16% thought…Sandbagging (when a player purposefully misrepresents and downplays their abilities) was a type of sexual act.
The moral to this story. Next time you’re trying to impress a non-golfer, maybe tone down the sports jargon. Things could get awkward otherwise, especially if you start talking about sandbagging!