We take a first look at a new PC golf game called Winning Putt


The PC used to be the homeland of golf games, until Sony's PlayStation came along and we all ditched three clicks of the mouse for a pull and push of a joystick as they way of making a virtual swing. 

The PC may be about to make a comeback, though, with the release of Winning Putt by Bandai Namco. 

Winning Putt is completely free to play, and lets you create a customised character before taking to the course to play alone or with up to three mates.


You can buy new equipment and clothing, which is where Bandai Namco will be hoping to make their money.

Some of the screenshots suggest that Winning Putt favours an arcade style over a serious recreation of the sport. There's a course in development set on an alien planet, which, last time we checked, isn't on the European Tour schedule for 2016. 


What is your favourite golf game of all time?