What could Jordan Spieth do with all the money he earnt in 2015?


Jordan Spieth earnt a reported $53,030,465 in prize winnings and sponsorship last year, dethroning Tiger Woods as the game’s top earner for the first time in over a decade.

Spieth won $23,030,465 in prize money during 2015, the highest total in history, making up the other $30 million in sponsorships, including his big-money deal with Under Armour.

Spieth’s total is £37,575,615.75 by today’s exchange rate. That’s an almost incomprehensible amount of money. To gain some kind of perspective, let’s see what he could do with all that dough…

Buy a new Ferrari every two days


If Spieth is a big fan of that new car smell, he could treat himself to 180 Ferrari 458 Speciales in a year. That means almost every other day he could park one up and walk away, never to return. He’d even have £117,615.75 left, for, you know, furry dice and stuff.

Change his cap every 17 seconds


An Under Armour Golf Official Tour Cap is £20, which means Spieth could buy 1,878,780 of them. He’d have £15.75 left, which would buy him 315 bags at 5p a pop. That means squeezing 5,964 caps into each bag, which might be a struggle, so he’d have to walk home from the shop like this guy:


Spieth would have to change his cap every 17 seconds, 24 hours a day, if he wanted to use them all in a year. 

Give the population of Bristol a bath of Coke

Spieth's newest sponsor, Coca-Cola, will obviously provide him with more of the tooth-rotting pop than he could ever drink, but if Spieth wanted to spend his money on it, he could buy 65,757,327 litres of the stuff. 


That would be enough to give everyone in Bristol a bath of Coke. 

Fly to space and back 212 times


Virgin Atlantic are currently taking bookings for commercial flights into space, requesting the full $250,000 fare be paid up front. 

Rocket-mouthed cockney Russell Brand has a ticket, bought for him by ex-wife Katy Perry. Spieth and Brand in space sounds like a Channel 5 producer's wet dream.  

Buy every ticket to The Open

Spieth will be hoping to be topping the leaderboard when The Open at Royal Troon rolls round in July, but if for some reason he's unable to play, he could guarantee the best seat in the house by buying every ticket going. The best-attended day at 2015's Open at St Andrews was the Sunday, when 45,076 fans witnessed the action.


Spieth could buy 163,372 weekly tickets at £230 a pop, providing he gets in before 1st June, when the price goes up to £260. Better be quick, Jordan!  

What would you spend the money on?