Andrew 'Beef' Johnston takes up serving sandwiches


From Royal Troon to serving sandwiches in a Manhattan restaurant – Andrew 'Beef' Johnston has been a busy man.

These photos show the 27-year-old serving guess in one of Arby's Manhattan restaurants after signing a sponsorship deal with the quick-service US sandwich chain.

"I've ordered enough burgers in my life, it is about time I try handing them out for a change," Johnston told American sports website For The Win.

Andrew Beef Johnston's visit to Arby's New York - GETTY

Starting at the PGA Championship next week, Beef will sport an Arby's logo on the right side of his shirt and on the back of his hat.

"His nickname is obviously what first caught our attention" said a spokesman for Arby's Restaurant Group.

Andrew Beef Johnston's visit to Arby's New York - GETTY

"After learning more about him and listening to him speak with media and interact with golf fans, we realized he was an incredibly likable guy and someone who Arby's fans would gravitate towards.

"We felt like we had to inquire about a possible partnership, so we quickly set up a call with Beef's management team and within a few days agreed on a deal to sponsor him at the PGA Championship.

"Beef has been amazing to work with."

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