VIDEO: Long drive champion helps you to hit the ball further


Struggling with the driver? Dan Konyk, the winner of the 2015 American Golf Long Drive Championship is on hand to help.

Speaking ahead of this year’s Championship, which is ran in association with Garmin, Dan who has made 11 appearances at the World Long Drive Championship told golfers to focus on their swing to improve.

He said: “The biggest fault I see among club golfers is what I call angle of attack and what I mean by that is that when people are hitting their driver they are making a similar swing to their iron shots.

“People tend to swing the driver down at the ball instead of up to the ball and there are a few things you can do to try and make that positive angle of attack.

“The first thing to do is to tee the ball up higher then secondly play the ball slightly forward in your stance and possibly the most important thing to do is to try and create some shoulder tilt unlike an iron swing when your shoulders are level to the floor."

Dan’s record drive is 448 yards at 214mph and there are plenty more tips to get you hitting the ball further in this video.

The American Golf Long Drive Championship is the only UK event where participants can automatically qualify for the World Long Drive Championship.

The winners of the Open, Over 45s and Ladies events will go on to represent American Golf and Garmin at the World Long Drive Championship at the WinStar World Casino in October.

The qualifying rounds of the Championships in association took place in early April and regional finals are currently underway across the UK & Ireland.

The 10 best long drivers in each category will be invited to the Grand Final at High Legh Golf Club on Friday 19th August, where last year’s winners Rebecca McGinley, Dan Konyk and Steve Kent will defend their titles.